Port Lincoln Residence

Port Lincoln Residence

This new build project with a small building foot print takes advantage of the sloping site with a northerly aspect on its long axis and vast views to the north-west.

Tracing the contours and maximizing its northern orientation the house elevates the occupants into the canopy of the trees. Responding passively to its environment the house includes a polished concrete slab that provides thermal mass for solar absorption, releasing the heat back into the living space in the evening. Operable glazing facilitates passive cooling by capturing the gully breezes and cross-ventilating the house. Collected paddock rock is used to form blade walls introducing the house to the street and connecting the outside to inside with an internal blade wall used for additional thermal mass.

Once built, this house will provide the sanctuary my clients desire.



Hamish Price

Date & Time

November 2, 2016